Current Design Process

2022, Research, UX design, Branding, UI Design, New York


Research & Testing

Ideation & Mapping

Wireframing & Prototype
Branding & UI Design

This is a snippet of my day to day to demonstrate my capabilities and current work flow. Due to confidentiality, I have pulled different sections of the design process from different projects that I worked on. 


For all product design projects, I lead from the initial research to the end of lo-fi prototyping, and oversee through completion of UI design. 


UX Lead


Simone Plater - PM
JP Harris - Tech
Britney Leal - Brand Design
Andrew Arcangeli - Animation
Shannon Price - UI Design

Research & Testing

Desktop - 16.png


Desktop - 17.png

Mapping & Scoping

Desktop - 18.png


Desktop - 19.png


Desktop - 20.png

UI Design

Desktop - 21.png